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Hello soakers and friends of hot springs !

My name is Guenther, I'm living at Austria (Europe), and I am a fan of hot springs and soaking (but English is not my mother tongue).

I want to make the best and completest collection of informations about „natural“ hot springs worldwide,
baths where you can soak without entrance fee or if you have less money, when you are on way there.

First I tried to publish the listing at Wikipedia, but it was not enough „encyclopedic“ for the Wikipedians.
Then I tried to publish it at Wikivoyage (Wikipedia for travellers). At Wikivoyage everyone can write,
but it is not allowed to get informations from „everones' websites“. But this topic needs insider tips.
You cannot read about free of charge swimming pools in advertising brochures of tourist agencies.
So I had to change my course again.

Now I try to construct this website. At the page about 'Italy' you can see, how the final pages might look like.
The preliminary result is the list 'Hot springs worldwide'.

Perhaps You can help me?

Send informations or photos or links about hot springs, you have missed in my listing, to me! ( contact)




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