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(have a look to the Listing of hot springs worldwide too)


(sorted from north to south and then west to east) ( map at Italian Wikipedia)

(Region of) Aosta Valley

(Region of) Piedmont

  • Bagno di Craveggia:


Hot Spring


Bagni di Craveggia
(Regione Piemonte)

Bagni di Craveggia

( photos, German travel report)

Ruins of an old sanatorium, warm spring (28 °C = 82 °F). The old hamlet (2 abandoned ruins) of Bagni di Craveggia is situated at 986 m in an isolated mountain area at the border of Italy and Switzerland. You can reach it only using a footpath from the small village 'Spruga', Onsernone Valley, Kanton Tessin (Switzerland), it is isolated like an enclave, half an hour to walk from Spruga. At the end of the path, you have to wade through the shallow cold river 'Isorno' (=border), perhaps the bridge (destroyed by an avalanche) is rebuilt. The ruins are enough refurbished with secure walls. You can bath in an old stone basin (2x2 m)in the cellar in the dark (you need a torch).
(Sources: German Wikipedia, Italian Wikipedia, German travel report)



Hot Spring


Terme di Bormio
(Regione Lombardia)

Bagni Vecchi
(Roman Baths)
NOT the Bagni Nuovi di Bormio

Beneath the SS 38 road, basins, carved in the rock.


Alto Adige


  • Parco Thermale del Garda (Lake Garda) at Colá di Lazise: Very expensive (2012) € 22,- modern spa and unfriendly behaviour of the staff. From a 160m deep borehole enough thermal water is springing to fill the 5,000 m²-pond within half a day with 37°C warm water (about 30 Liter per second);

  • Terme di Sirmione (Lake Garda) ( photo, map), outflow of the thermal water from the pool of the spa into the Lake Garda

Friuli Venezia-Giulia



  • Monterenzio: near the town Monterenzio south of Bologna, some small ponds, „Agriturismo Terme“


Most of them have sulfuric odour

  • Bagni di Lucca: All of the 7 springs are walled-in springs; one of them is in a cave („grotta grande“ or „grotta Paolina“)
  • San Casciano ( photo), San Casciano dei Bagni, in the south of Siena, the old Bath „ Bagno Grande“ or „Vasche nel Bosco“ ( photo); at San Casciano are more than 42 thermal springs (about 40 °C) 5.500,000 liter warm water a day, bathing at the outflow of the spas?
  • Bagni di Petriolo: Outflow of the spa, a waterfall (about 40°C) into the river 'Fama', a part of the shallow river is bathing area (basin, bordered with stones of the river),
  • Bagni San Filippo: Outflow of the spa, a small waterfall into a small stream; there is an impressive Travertin-Rock, bath in a stream
  • Bagno Vignoni has instead of a piazza a big basin with hot (!) water, bathing is impossible, after running throuh a modern spa, a bath at the outflow is possible, not easy to find it (old water-mills)
  • 'Baths of Sassetta' (Livorno), private, to rent
  • A cheap „Spa“ is ' Terme San Marco' at Monteortone Terme (near Abano Terme), an old Sanctuary
  • Venturina 4,5 km southwest from Campiglia Marittima is a spa with a warm lake, about 12,000 liter/minute with 36°C, Parco Termale di Venturina
  • Lago Vecchienna (Larderello) = Lago Boracifero ? ? ? ? ?
  • The waterfall of Saturnia. 800 l/second are running first through a spa and then in an about 1 km long stream, at he „end“ of the stream you can bath inside the stream (very fast flow), various small storage basins or at the waterfall ('Cascate del mulino') with rimstone.
  • Pian di Palma near Saturnia (''Caldine'' or ''Scogli del Bagno Santo (Rock of the Holy Bath)“ )
  • Terme di Sorano
  • Antica Querciolaia Rapolano Terme ( photo, photo), I don't know, if inside this Travertin-quarry is thermal water







  • Fordongianus, ancient Terme Roma


Island of Ischia

  • Baia di Sorgeto near Panza on the island of Ischia, hot springs in the sea (beach)
  • Maronti-Beach: „Cava scura“ at Serrara-Fontana , old roman baths
  • Maronti Beach: steam fumaroles >100°C (sand-baths)
  • Agnone Beach at Forio: warm springs at the beach
  • Cartaromana near ischia Ponte: Thermal water on the beach
  • Porto: Thermal water in a lake

There are various (expensive) 'tropical' spa-gardens with many pools:

  • Negombo Garden at Lacco Ameno: 15 pools with thermal water
  • Poseidon Garden at Forio: 22 pools
  • Garden at Castiglione Casamicciola: 10 pools
  • Eden Garden at Cartaromana
  • Olympus garden at Maronti

Medicinal thermal water:

  • Sorgente Olmitello at Maronti-Beach, few warm water from a pipe, only for drinking, free
  • Sorgente Nitrodi at Buonopane, a fountain of youth

You can find
fumaroles on several places: Fumaria, Forio (Citara), Lacco Ameno (Fango), Casamicciola (source German website)





perhaps „natural hot springs“ unaudited report:

At http://www.francesca.mi.it/n/iterme.html you can find a map of the „free“ hot springs (blue points):

  • Cadarese (Piedmonte) (I believe, the water is now in the 'Premia Terme')

from other sources, unaudited report:

  • Porretta Terme, in the north of Pistoia
  • Sorgenti Roveta, in the west of Florence, near Roveta and Marciola, between Montespertoli and Florence hot? cold?
  • Terme de Firenze, in the south of Florence
  • Acqua Salsa, in the south of Castelfiorentino, north of Gambassi
  • Sorgenti Minerale, in the south of Gambassi
  • Sarteano
  • Chianciano Terme
  • Montepulciano
  • Spring of Mora Oriolo
  • Parco Benestare di Gambassi Terme
  • Tiberquelle at Monte Fumaiolo ???
  • Madesimo, (CH), near the border to Italy (???)
  • Rapolano
  • Caciana
  • Bagno di Romagna
  • Terme di Pejo or Peio, Trentino
  • Cave of the Nymphae, Calabria = La Grotta delle Ninfee a Cerchiara, Province Cosenza, Calabria photo, description (Italian language), photos at a German website
  • Terme di Venturina, Aquae Populoniae
  • Terme di Montepulciano (stream)
  • Emilia-Romagna: Salsomaggiore Terme, in the west of Parma, Terme Berzieri.
  • Emilia-Romagna: Tabiano Bagni, "Stinky sulphur springs." in the south of Salsomaggiore.

page is
under construction

(have a look to the Listing of hot springs worldwide too)


Hot Spring



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( rounded figures )

20 – 36 °C
68 – 97 °F

36 – 43 °C
97 – 109 °F

> 43 °C
> 109 °F


  • Italy

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